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It can indicate fame in this area as well.

Hora or Horai • Shubh Hora Timing

The planet that rules the 10th house in the rashi chart is the most important planet to be analyzed in the dashamsha chart. This analysis will give important clues as to what career an individual should pursue. The Sun in this chart is an important consideration, as well as the ruler of the ascendant of the rashi chart further noted in the dashamsha chart will give the indications for the career the individual is destined for and their successes within the career. All rights reserved. Divisional Charts.


Astrology Divisional Horoscopes D-1 to D The divisional charts are required to predict the events in detail. Hora - House of Wealth The divisional chart 'Hora' i. Navamsa - The most Important Chart Navamsa is usually considered the most important. Dashamsha - House of Profession Dashamsha Chart It divides, each Zodiac sign in the birth chart in 10 different parts each 3 degrees.

Saptamsa - House of Children Navamsa is usually considered the most important. Mars is in 11th House as Moon:Strong.

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Jupiter at 3. Jupiter is in 1st House as Sun:Weak.

Saturn is Strong in this Chart. Saturn at Saturn is in 8th House as Sun:Weak. Mercury is Neutral in this Chart. Mercury at 1. Mercury is in 9th House as Sun:Weak.

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Rahu at Rahu is in 10th Hous e as Moon:Strong. Ketu at Ketu is in 4th House as Moon:Strong. You are the epitome of awesome! Astrology is meant to corroborate what you already know.

Hora or Horai • Shubh Hora Timing

Hora of Sun is good to wear or to adorn Manik jewel. Manik is adorned to appease and to get blessing of Lord Surya. It is also known as Shukra Hora. It is first Hora on Shukrawar or Friday. Shukra hora is beneficial, aesthetic and uniting.

Yogas in Kundali through HORA for wealth & Prosperity

Hence it is recommended for love, romance, marriage and mating activities. Recreational activities like music, art and dance are also recommended during Hora of Venus. Venus Hora is positively more effective on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and it is less effective on Sunday. Venus: Its good for Marriage related efforts, buying jewels, dressess, cosmetic items, aspecious events, buying new vechiles etc.

The Rashi & Hora Divisional Horoscope or Varga birth Chart - Astrozing

Hora of Venus is good to adorn Opal Jewel and any other diamond. Opal is adorned to appease Lord Shukra. It is also known as Budha Hora. It is first Hora on Budhawar or Wednesday. Mercury Hora is quick, changeable and unstable. Hence it is recommended for education, learning new skills, changing place, finalizing written agreement and travel related activities.

It is auspicious Hora for media and publishing industry. Mercury Hora is positively more effective on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and it is less effective on Tuesday. Mercury: Mercury is for intellect related things. Starting to write BLOG, articles, essays for newspapers, seeing horoscopes, starting a bank account but not limited to only bank accounts.

For approaching lawyers Hora of Budha is good to adorn Panna jewel. Panna is adorned to appease planet Budha. It is also known as Chandra Hora. It is first Hora on Somwar or Monday. Moon Hora is soft, gentle, delicate and fluctuating. Hence it is considered good for most activities. Hora of Moon is specially recommended for gardening, food related activities, sea related work, activities which are related to pearl and conch-shell, silver related work and feminine work.