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Friendships and community have been a very difficult challenge for me. I am always attaching myself to groups, communities and movements but invariably end up feeling totally isolated. It seems that a stellium creates a situation that makes it very difficult to see outside of yourself.

I will try to come back and say more — an interesting topic to me, indeed! By: Laurie on February 18, at pm. Interesting, your observation about a stellium making it hard to see outside yourself. Hi Laurie, seems you and I have similar charts. My experience has been like yours.

Do you have chiron in the 5th house opposing that stellium? The day we all learn that everything is interconnected and that love makes no distinction between friends, family, animals, plants, minerals and so on is the day humanity will have made one large step to understanding the universe. So keep going kid!!!! The person who wrote that reply has a lot of heart-centred understanding to do. Jackie LION. It was a fantasy on my part about what people would think.

And I typed it into a commment form and took a screen shot of it. Apparently it misfired, and people thought it was real. By: Donna Cunningham on February 19, at am. By: mimi on February 19, at am. Oh, no, Mimi, they will soooooo not get it! Like one time I was talking about how much I wish I had artistic talent, as my ability to draw is at about the level of stick figures. So I was making a pun, and I said I had Venus envy. Gotta correct you, Donna. By: Ellen Longo on February 19, at am. By: Donna Cunningham on February 19, at pm. Welcome to my world.

Is your friend not into astrology? By: Nikki Neal on February 19, at am. Donna, thanks for this great post. It almost makes me not want to comment. I love to be at home and do most of my work and recreation there. But suffice it say the physical home is where I was most vulnerable, when it is the place I should have been the most safe. That, Jeny, is real vulnerability! Such an amazing post and very courageous.

I am sorry to hear about your friend and also have great empathy for your situation. I very much identify with the feeling of not really belonging. This was a very moving post. I am sure as others have said that your friend will know in her heart how much you are thinking of her and love her and I wish her a full recovery. Everything is in Aries apart from the Sun sitting a few minutes into Taurus. Mercury also sits at the apex of a perfect to the degree yod with Uranus and Neptune.

Reading this I feel like I want to investigate my stellium a lot more. By: Lua Astrology on February 19, at pm. I have no siblings, no children, my parents died years ago, as did my husband. As a solitary, I, too, place an inordinate amount of reliance on friends. My Leo moon and Uranus occupy the 11th house depending on the house system. My Scorpio Sun resides alone in the 3rd house.

In , I experienced a traumatic, abrupt and sudden end to an anamcara relationship. The sense of isolation was brutal, and lingering even now. And that block is amplified by the long-standing and pervasive exclusionary and divisive nature of our world now. Ah, well, Donna, all we can do is continue to try to connect with those who locked in their own separate worlds as well as those who think the only connections they need are those prescribed by society — the connections of family and no others.

PS: I never did thank you and your friend for the great advice last July to use Magic Erasers when cleaning, in addition to my trick of the strategic use of bleach. So, thank you… and Mr. I do feel that way sometimes, and yet I also need the solitude for my work. By: Donna Cunningham on February 20, at pm. I wonder if the intensity would be observed on a lesser level if the stellium spanned different decantes? That the transiting focus might disperse into very slight differing levels that could be re-inforced elsewhere in the chart?

By: Tony Vowles on February 20, at pm. The AFA crowd, for instance. However, it is so far away from the first grouping that transits might be as much as 10 years apart. Hallo, Donna! Thank you very much for this post and for your confidence. The cusp of the 11th house is in the Cancer and I need friends with a deep feelings and deep views. And it extremely hard to find the profoundness I seek for. That is! It last for nearly a month but then a really new life had started. Much more interesting then previous 11 years!

I believe that had I stayed in my small rural home town, I would have been a very lonely even ostracized individual because I am so different. But because I went to New York City where you can find a community of people with the same interests you have, I enjoyed a great variety and cultural diversity of friends. I live in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, more then 23 years. Only separately — width without depth or depth but too narrow. I do my best to be not very exacting particular and I have some friends. But alas! Those groups were groups of like-minded people. But in each of them I feel myself being detached from others.

I think that Sun-Uranus square in my chart and Venus-Saturn cohjunction keeps me alone, though I long to dissolve in relationship Dsc in Pices, Venus-Neptune quindechille. This sounds like one of those issues it takes us a lifetime to work through, Deilf. Difficult, though, to feel that lack of fulfillment over and over. By: Donna Cunningham on February 21, at pm. Thank you, Donna, for comments! Yes, with my Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn in square to Pluto and quindechile to Saturn and MC it looks like it will take a lifetime to work through… Deilf.

I clash a lot with my family of origin Moon conjunct Uranus both square IC with regard to my view that family is a matter of choice rather than some type of law. I agree with Noam Chomsky who says if we are to give up our own power to any authority, the burden of proof should rest on authority. I apologize to anyone trying to follow this, but as I said before, I do feel a lot of these themes I mention come from both stelliums … and both stelliums include more than half of my chart.

By: mimi on February 23, at am. Oh, no. This reply, actually, is dripping with guilt. Hope your friend gets better. My mother had pulmonary embolisms like that about three years back. She got better. I have moon and mercury in the 11th in Gemini — I know how important friends are. Hi, Kerrie. To test whether they function as a unit or not, observe what it feels like over a period of months when the transiting Moon crosses them. I always had my beginning students follow that practice of observing what it felt like when the Moon crossed each of their planets as a way to really get to know their charts.

By: Donna Cunningham on February 25, at am. Hi Donna — I hope I understood your request correctly, which was that we comment at the end of these popular posts as to why we think they elicited such a strong response. Hello, I just read this blog for the first time. I have a stellium of planets in Libra in my first house. My asc. Then my stellium kicks off with my moon, venus, saturn, jupiter, and pluto all in a line. Pluto is directly on the cusp of the 2nd house. I am now going through my first saturn return, and pluto is squaring saturn, and uranus is conjunct my desc.

My life has always seemed to swirl around the issue of self vs.


Independence vs. The opposote house and sign issue has made it difficult to objectively understand the central issue s. Now, however, I am looking back on my life and can see the stellium playing out. I have always been strongly influenced by others; their opinions, beliefs, styles etc. However, I have come along way in learning the value of myself, while still leaving some room for others. Relationships are still very difficult; I am still very influenced by them and feel like they are a threat to my individuality. Thank you for your post. I always have read such shallow and unimaginative things about stelliums.

Thank you so much, Amy Jo. Thank you, Amy Jo. Stelliums are quite profound. Do read the two follow-up posts on that one, because we got wonderful insights into stelliums in all 12 houses as people shared so deeply and honestly about their own experiences. By: Donna Cunningham on March 28, at pm. Oh Donna, reading this post made me cry. For you and for me. I have no idea whether a Pluto singleton in the 11th is anything like your stellium, but your post resonated so deeply with me. I have never before experienced anything so intense as the the feeling of complete aloneness, where a single soul cannot reach me.

Until recently. Death with betrayal and loneliness — no matter how logic can look at those feelings, they still exist in all their glory. And then you managed to publish your most private hurt on the internet. You have my complete respect.

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Thank you for everything. By: Donna Cunningham on March 30, at am. Oh my gosh, holy stellium. There are so many affected by one! I have a 10th house stellium, Pluto, Sun, Mercury and Mars. Saturn squares everything but Pluto from the 7th, and Jupiter squares the entire stellium from the 2nd. Uranus and Jupiter are transiting my fourth right now and opposing it, while Saturn sits right on top of it. With Pluto there, my father was a Plutonian for sure also, but he lived out the darkest aspects of that.

He was a preacher with a giant shadow. I have experienced much healing around that stellium and have been instrumental in breaking the silence in my family. I was the youngest of 10, and felt I came into that family to bring it all out, confront it squarely. Now there is a huge emphasis on career saturn is conjuncting the stellium. My whole life I have felt such a strong sense of being here for a very specific purpose, to fulfill a mission.

While my father was hugely dysfunctional and abusive at home, he also served the poor and downtrodden, which I still hold as a value. But it is empowerment, versus tyrannical power over others. The lessons I learned from being powerless, have taught me great empathy toward others, and about how to be a powerful person in the world, but for the benefit of others.

I am very much a fierce advocate for others now in the realm of human rights, and am making career goals to further that mission.

Yet sometimes I feel other areas of my life lose out, so that I can fulfill that 10th house mission, which sometimes I grieve, but accept somehow. Your comments about power are very insightful and helpful. It all sounds very difficult and disillusioning, Kelley. By: Donna Cunningham on June 26, at pm. I read your post, and Pluto connections with a father are tough, no doubt. And strong Pluto aspects seem to lend themselves to taking on guilt by association, or proximity, to someone dark. Only this last year have I felt myself starting to get free of that, and put it back where it belongs, on him.

I blew open the secrets in a public way.

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Breaking silence has been a process, one I am still in. It seems to be a process of layers. Best to you. Thank you Donna and Gracebound! I will visit the Saturn Neptune info, Donna. This issue is definitely hard to get clarity on! I also wanted to add on that 10th house Plutonian stellium, and having a preacher for a father, that I have come across an immense amount of Plutonian types who had preachers for fathers who then transmuted that power and energy and often darkness into a larger vision of protecting the environment Julia Butterfly, John Muir , social reform Dorothea Dix, Malcolm X , politics Kenneth Kaunda, 1st president of Zambia or it was the seed for their music career Tori Amos who wrote the famous song, Why do I crucify myself every day?

Most had a tenth house or Plutonian emphasis, or both. Thanks for that info about Marvin Gaye. And, as you say, his 10th house stellium is squared by Pluto. By: nray on April 7, at am. They apparently had a power struggle at the end, and his shooting was considered manslaughter, not murder. My bad. I am laughing out loud at myself right now. That IS the humor. Thank you, Gracebound, for sharing about your Dad. By: Donna Cunningham on April 7, at pm. I have Pluto transiting first and squaring 10th house Saturn and Neptune and transiting Saturn conjunct 10th.

Also squaring Uranus transit of empty 4th house, opposing 7th house stellium. That is terrible. I found this site a little while ago and honestly know very little about astrology at this point. But when I got my chart done a few years ago it was surprising to me that I had 5 planets in Capricorn venus, mars, saturn, uranus, neptune , all with at least one conjunction to another venus conjunct mars and saturn, mars conjunct saturn and neptune, saturn conjunct neptune, uranus conjunct neptune….

Although I took the outer planet tests and my scores for pluto and neptune were really high, along with saturn which was ridiculous, go figure. I identify pretty highly with all of the signs I express Libra rising, fish sun, Taurean moon, Aquarius mercury but my stellium is in the third and fourth houses and I read that the fourth house can sometimes be deeply hidden. I do not know. However, I believe that my stellium has made me feel the need to communicate and understand people, essentially all the more human parts behind played out falsities and the sort of crap you have to get past to know someone uranus and neptune in the third.

It opens me. I have read that capricorns are pretty traditionally minded but I never was, and still I am more interested in revolutionizing than stagnating. Could have to do with being heavily capricorn. The being overly responsible at a young age thing was definitely in me.

Despite my denial of any rooting attempts, I do like to create beautiful and loving temporary homes. I just get restless and need to go after a year or so. Explore the world or something. Interestingly my jupiter, chiron, and MC are all in cancer, the opposite sign, in the 9th. I should further educate myself in the planets. I hope that your friend will get better or has gotten better since you wrote this post! A thought I just had…probably there is no relation but someone who once mattered very much to me, a childhood friend, was killed a few years ago and I found it very hard to communicate about it.

I wrote a lot about her, and about the harsh things I was seeing then saturn transit?? But that was when my concept of home changed quite significantly. How can that be home? It just seems too much like betrayal. Enough of that though. HI, Robyn, so glad you wrote. You were born, I gather, in the late s to early s in a very special interval when Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn were close together in Capricorn.

Those who were born then and who also had some of the inner planets Sun, Moon, Mercury or Venus in Capricorn had huge stelliums in that sign. But realize that astrologers are only slowly getting to know what your very special generation is about. Things are fine between my friend and I.

By: Donna Cunningham on April 8, at pm. Yes, analyzing communication is very important for me. We have strong bounds to each other as we all have powerful 3rd houses but we do have times of difficulties, too. Right now, I have Saturn transiting through my 3rd house, and Uranus transits through my 9th house. During the last years we have had some issues, again. I left my home country over 20 years ago.

It was my own free will decision. I had often a feeling like I am excluded from my siblings, not only since I live abroad, already as a child I had this feeling of being out of space thanks, Donna, you made me actually understand where it comes from! Anyway, no matter how well I understand where these feelings of not belonging to or being excluded come from, it does hurt.

And I believe it is a life time job to face these feelings and to learn to live with them. I do believe that I learn every time a little bit but will I ever be master of these feelings? Thanks so much for sharing that about your 3rd house stellium, Jaana! How very convoluted—and important—those relationships with your siblings must be.

You must be born in By: Donna Cunningham on April 18, at am. Althoug the relationships with my siblings are sometimes very exhausting they still are very very important for me. And I think I would always forgive them, no matter what. Saturn is a far part of the Pisces stellium but I feel it works through the Virgo stellium quite a lot. I always experience that if one thing changes that changes everything in my life. Rulers of all other houses but 3rd and 9th are parts of the stelliums and those stelliums are in the 3rd and the 9th houses. House 11, as well as Houses 3, 4, 9, 10 and 12 are empty.

So, most of my energy seems fruitlessly tied up in House 7. The cure, such as it is, has been Old Taskmaster Saturn in House 1 who painfully taught me to be self-sufficient. Thanks for telling us how that 7th house stellium works, Will. By: Donna Cunningham on April 18, at pm. Will, I want to talk astrology speak like you and Donna! I also have Saturn in the 1st house and have to agree wholeheartedly that Saturn makes you learn to be self sufficient and not to rely on others.

I never thought of it that way, so thanks for my aha moment today! I have Mars in 1st opposite my 7th house stellium which i think helps me balance my focus on others with a self preservation bottom line. By: Donna Cunningham on February 7, at am. Hi donna, i only read the begining of your article but please dont take it personally as i was crying before hand and i just have no focus right now. I am sorry you are going through such pain, Vah. It sounds like you are an extreme empath and wide open psychically at present.

You do need to give to yourself the right to seek help and let your Mom help you pay for it. By: Donna Cunningham on April 22, at am. Just hang in there and it will begin to make sense how it is all connected. By: Donna Cunningham on April 24, at am. I have one too, and while i have had my share of problems, it has not been serious disease, but things that I can manage by exercise, good eating and generally taking care of myself.

By: mimi on April 22, at am. I have been left alone by my sibling to handle my Fathers death in and I live with my elderly mother now, there to help her through her end of life experience. I have always wanted a home-based business, but have not yet hit upon the best thing to make that happen….

Aries | The Ram | March 21st to April 19th

Wow,with the Sun and Moon both in the 4th, you are surely all about the home and family. There ought to be a home-based business for you, but without seeing and analyzing the chart, it would be hard to get a picture of what it would be. AND I am retired from doing charts. By: Donna Cunningham on April 26, at pm. Hello, Beatrix, you are part of a generation of young people born with Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn all conjunct in Capricorn, and many, like you, with faster moving planets as well. It is certainly a complex combination stellium, they call it and will take many years to figure out how to use it well.

The limitations placed on your group by the changing economy play into it as well—Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn have to do with societal condtions. By: Donna Cunningham on August 15, at pm. Yes, I do. I have sun,mercury,mars in scorpio in my intercepted 5th house libra. I also have my North Node and Uranus in scorpio in my 5th house.

It seems to bring romance and creativity into my life. I feel a kind of need to experience life and to help other people do the same thing. It may give me problems with my relationships and my self expression,creativity and sense of identity. As far as wanting children. Hi Robin, I have already left a comment regarding the trouble part of my stellium, but never thought of the good part of it.

So, I can honestly say, that when I always thought we had nothing, we always had food, a roof over our heads, and some type of income, to get us through. We could have easily been one of those families that have lost it all! So I am greatful for that stellium. It is in my second house! I have a stellium in the 7th moon, pluto, uranus and in the 10th sun, mercury, jupiter, with mars conj MC in the 9th and have often felt my life has always been just all about work and relationships.

As for the vulnerability piece, I totally agree. I had a 15 year career with a worldwide corporation and when I got let go from the company 2 months before my 40 birthday, very few people understood how devastating that was to me. It took me years to emotionally recover from it. Have only been married once thus far; got divorced 8 years ago after finding out that my husband had been cheating a la Tiger Woods. Sometimes I wonder if strong Plutonian types just have to burn it all to the ground to rebuild it better … to get to the dove, so to speak.

I continue to have hope, faith and love but I absolutely agree that while stelliums can be a major strength, they can also be a major liability when the going gets rough. But, I now believe that our greatest strengths are also our greatest weaknesses. Granted the Scorpio Planets are intense, but have learnt to use Writing, especially Poetry as a way of expression.

I do try to use a lot of Humour, that I would not have done when was younger. So I turned an intense situation, into a Humourous Poem about where we live. So I did. When I got back from a trip last Year. I thought what the heck? Anyway the Maintenence Officer came around, and said he had read my Prose, and could see the funny side of it, but he told me, not many in his Organisation had a sense of humour. He apologised to me for the misunderstanding. I have found laughter with my Stellium to be the best remedy, despite how intense a situation might appear.

Good use of your 3rd house energy! By: nray on September 17, at am. It provides them with nourishment. Thank you, Peter. I took up Cycling 6 Years, and even though I went up and over the Handlebars back in , and broke my left Clavical. Living in Mid Wales, which is one of the most rural parts of the UK, I have got wide open spaces all around me, as far as the Eye can see. I was in London last Month where I am from originally. I saw Cyclists out and about, and thought all that Traffic would drive me Nuts nowadays.

My life has changed tremendously in the past two years. In any case as I was advancing towards my degree and- inherently for my results- towards the high side of the professional world, I started claiming or needing more and more freedom for myself. On a personal level, the immediate effects were great: I was deeply happy, I was free. So, what happens when switching direction and life options in a stellium setting? Mind blowing, dramatic and not nearly over. Remember Alice in Wonderland—one side of the mushroom made her very tiny; the other side made her too tall, until she finally got it just right.

By: Donna Cunningham on October 31, at pm. I love your blog. Thank you so much for all the priceless sharing and giving that you do for all your readers on a continual basis! I really am clueless about all of this, and would be greatful for some insight into something that has been on my mind for quite sometime now. My Midhaven is also in Scorpio. Is this considered a stellium? If so, what do I need to be aware of? Is there any recommended reading you might suggest for me to follow up on? You do indeed have a stellium in Virgo and in the 8th house with lots of potential. Use the search engine on this site and look for articles here on the 8th house, on Mercury-Pluto aspects, and on the Uranus-Pluto conjunction.

By: Donna Cunningham on January 3, at am. Hi Donna, Just discovered this blog. But all the answers to the blog have been so helpful. And I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the books you have written. Your books were the first step to this healing. Then followed some therapy then I was able to talk about it. Even to tell some members of my family. I met these objections with the understanding that these particular family members were reacting from their own sense of insecurity.

And I was able to let it go although at first I was hurt that they did not believe me. Just wanted to thank you Donna for the beautiful work you are doing. I am 73 now and have to say I am a very happy person. Have learned so much about Astrology from this blog and from all the people who have been sharing their experiences.

The 9th House in Astrology

How wonderful to hear that Healing Pluto Problems helped you so much. I know the healing process can be a very difficult and draining life process, but I am so glad to know the long-term effects have been happiness. Thank you for sharing it. By: Donna Cunningham on February 8, at am. Hi Donna. I was planning on reading without much comment but this post and your pain called to me. Even though it was a year ago, the words are present for me. I hope your friend is well now.

So many times, I have left a post in draft form because the writing is cathartic enough without me actually having to share it my Mercury in the 8th is part of a stellium. Sometimes, I force myself to share it by scheduling the publish date to sometime in the future when I feel that the moment of fear will have passed. I wrote a post about how when my friends get married or involved in a committed romantic relationship, it feels like we become divorced.

My Moon is conjunct Uranus in Scorpio in the 12th. So when they get married, it feels like a death. It was a summer wedding. Although it was painful, I have become less emotionally dependent on my friends since then…and am learning the lesson of truly being single. I write this to thank you for sharing such a personal experience with us. By: Jara on February 8, at am. Thanks, Jara—sounds like you share the trepidation at writing about such emotional issues in a blog. My friend had a very long way back from her Near Death Experience, and has only recently gotten off oxygen altogether.

By: Donna Cunningham on February 8, at pm. How did you become less afraid to trash a post? Some vervain is on my shopping list. By: Jara on February 10, at am. What I meant is that when I write something terribly personal like this post, I agonize over publishing it at all, then make myself do it being more self-revealing is one of my goals for this blog , and then spend much of the day wanting to go back and put it in the trash. By: Donna Cunningham on February 10, at am. From our body, the house is associated with the thighs and the buttocks.

Another area ruled by the ninth house is the law; advocates, jury and all people that work in the law department are to be observed through it, as long as our connection with them. The house can also show if the native will follow a career in law, as most people who choose such a job have at least one very important planet in the 9th house. In addition, the house is ruling religion and all the people involved in it. Priests, gurus, spiritual people will appear through it in our lives, and so the condition and presence of planets will determine what kind of effect they will have on our reality.

The planets residing in the house also can show what spiritual path we will follow, as they become filters of our perception of the Universe, God or gods, or even our denial of a higher existence. Spiritual renunciation is also related to the ninth house, and when there are difficult transits to the house or planets inside, we might be losing faith in existence of something higher, or even in the meaning of our own existence.

On the contrary, when a positive transit takes place, we experience profound life-changing spiritual events that can give us an entirely new meaning of existence. Here is where our ideas expand into our own God, even if we do not accept something higher than our material world and selves. Our God can even be just our purpose of living, our goals, and higher hopes.

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And, of course, the 9th is the house that creates people of religion; the presence of planets there will at least make you a very strong spiritual figure that other people will follow as a mentor, if not opening for you a path into the structured system of a religion. Or a cult. Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart.

You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope. You need to find something to channel that passion into. With a Sagittarius stellium, there can be a tremendous amount of energy for you to expand, explore, and experience. You need to find something that gives you the freedom to spread your wings and fly. With a Capricorn stellium, you can be super ambitious and want something big for your life. You just need to figure out what exactly it is! Until you do, you can feel directionless.

Once you do, you can go about it responsibly, with a practical approach, disciplined and focused, and doing your homework. You have the potential for great success and respect. You just need to find something to work toward. With a Pisces stellium, you can be the softest and gentlest among us, someone super sensitive, sweet, compassionate, and caring. But this means you can also be easily taken for a ride, used, and controlled, so some barriers between you and people who would seek to use your vulnerability is necessary. You need to find something that allows you to be safe enough to open up your big heart.