You may suspect people without having any reason to do so. You should pay respect to your mother, help her and accept her blessings. Make prior arrangements to overcome water scarcity. You should also be careful that you do not encounter any inconvenience on account of domesticated animals. Remain alert while driving and while taking up a journey. Your mind might be occupied with evil or fearful thoughts. You are advised not to use red and white color today. Maintain a pleasing relationship with those whom you like, and try to avoid dispute with others, otherwise you may have to face humiliation.

Pass the day in a simple manner. Want Rashifal for Another Date? Or select your Ascendant from the list.

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Education - Next 12 Months. In Astrology Moon is the significator of the mind. Since Moon is the heavenly body closest to the earth, the magnetic influences of all other planets reach earth through the moon. This is the reason that indian astrology reckons the planetory movements based on your moon sign Raasi.

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New moon sign request Login Existing members. Till: morning Your romantic life is making you thoughtful and pensive today. Most of the day will be spent in thinking and over-thinking on various matters.

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  6. Romance and philosophy interact and blend very well today. Your work might take a Read more on Virgo Virgo Career Virgo Friendships. The combination of the planets in the Virgo horoscope is hinting to alert you that it is time to be on your guard against Overview: The transit of Jupiter in your forth house will create peaceful environment at home front from 5th November onwards. Virgo, you like your things to be planned and organized. Last minute changes and impulsiveness at work are major turn off for you. You usually opt for career or profession which confirms stability and reliability.

    This New Year would be a bag full Get Pt Punarvasu to assess you chart for major yoga and possible Raj yogas. Yogas are a special planetary combination, the reading of which is peculiar to the vedic system only. It takes years of experience and intution to assess the exact impact of yogas. We have this section for quick turn around for any specific queries that you wish to consult our astrologers.

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    You could ask up to three questions in this section. Our very senior astrologer would study your chart in depth and return back with the advice within 24 hrs time. Identifies certain planetary combinations which are favorable and unfavorable for a child born. Business and enterprises run on the ideas and efforts of visionary men. The talent in a person some times is the only limitation that holds him down. Usually when people come together to work on a project or business , it involves working of their common fortunes. With the help of this analytical report we help you find out.

    People born when Kanya or Virgo is rising will exhibit their intelligence and memory when quite young. They will be middle-sized persons and exhibit taste in art and literature.